Make You Look Smart
Are you looking to make an item pop? Or maybe just a way to identify your team in a crowd? We can make that happen! Our Customization Team works hard to make sure that you look sharp, and your brand is well represented.
Ensuring Your Air Is Clean
Gas Detection
Working in all kinds of conditions, you want to know that you are safe! If something were to happen our people are ready and waiting to help you. Not only do we sell and work with leading gas detection manufacturers, but we also do most repairs and maintenance in-house. This means fast product turn around and knowledgeable staff.
Oil and Gas
Inventory Management
Hate checking and monitoring your safety supplies so you are never out of something you need? We work to make sure that you don't have to think about if you have enough safety supplies again. We will watch your sock levels and refill as needed, helping you keep everyone on your site safe!
Cost Control
Encouraging Everyone To Be In The Know
Training Center
We offer quality training throughout the year as well as making our building available for when you would like to host your own training session. Click here to see what availabilities we have.
Also, if you haven't seen it yet, our Safety Expo is starting to ramp up. One of our largest events all year!
Getting You Back Up Quick
Safety Rentals
We have worked to make sure that your team has limited downtime. Not only do we rent out equipment, saving you from high expenses, bet we personally make sure it is all working before sending it out.
Clothing, Tools, Equipment
Safety Products
If you are looking for something that will keep you safe on and off the job, look no further. We have FR, Workwear, Tools, and Others. And if we don't have it in-store, we will get it ordered for you or recommend a place that you will be able to find it. When it comes to safety, we don't mess around!