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Originally developed for the crown of a drilling rig and truck chassis, 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® GREASE has proven itself to be the backbone of the Texas Refinery Corp line of specialty lubricants. The “red grease with golden flakes” is a favorite nationwide . . . from industry to trucking. 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® meets and exceeds the demands of a multi-purpose lubricant.


An essential multi-purpose grease, 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® GREASE will safely handle most lubricant needs, whether the surface to be lubricated turns, slides, or has an oscillating motion. It can be used for all types of bearings – ball or roller, high or low speed, sealed or opened.

Adding to its versatility, Texas Refinery Corp blended Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) into 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® GREASE, adding extra protection by providing additional low friction, anti-stick, and non-corrosive characteristics.

880 CROWN & CHASSIS® GREASE is a very versatile grease. It may safely be used for most applications. For consistent operating temperatures of more than 270°F., use PARAGON 3000. 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® GREASE is available in four NLGI Grades (weights): #00, #0, #1 and #2.

Lowers Grease Consumption and Reduces Maintenance Cost

The special tackiness additives contained in 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® GREASE make it a highly practical grease. Its ability to stay put not only reduces grease consumption, but also provides outstanding protection against metal-to-metal contact. It clings to metal, sealing out dust, moisture, rust and corrosion. In addition to creating a dust barrier, the adhesive and cohesive qualities of 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® GREASE allow it to resist balling up in front of a bearing shaft. These traits also help lubricate the complete shaft and bearing, avoiding dry spots.

Very Stable

Specially treated to resist oxidation, 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® GREASE resists changes in consistency and quality even when stored for long periods of time. It resists separation, has controlled oil bleeding, and under most conditions does not crack, harden or become thin. Even under the most severe of conditions and even after extended life 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® will not thin or thicken. It maintains it’s original NGLI-rating.

Excellent Extreme Pressure Qualities

The crown of a drilling rig is expected to support the weight of two to three miles of drill pipe, developing critical lubrication needs at contact areas. 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® is especially effective for this type of high pressure application. With a Timken OK Load rating of 100 pounds minimum 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® meets special lubrication needs, providing the ultimate in extreme pressure protection. It’s excellent for use on ball joints and fifth wheels, which are constantly placed under heavy loads.

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